An Online Shop for Only R7500

Setup Includes

A CoZa Domain

One Year Hosting

eCom Website

Ozow Integration

Courier Function

Super Easy, Barely An Inconvenience
Be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Be sure to read the  procedure.

In order to help you make an informed decision, each item included in the setup fee is explained in more detail below.

eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Domain Name Included in Setup Fee

CoZa Domain

If you’re going to sell in South Africa then you need a South African domain name. The psychology of a South African buyer when they see .com is “oh, it’s international, so how long will it take to deliver or can I phone them etc” South African consumers mostly trust CoZa domains more readily.

eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Setup Fee Includes 12 Hosting on my Dedicated Server

12 Months Hosting Dedicated Server

The setup fee includes one year on my dedicated server with Xneelo in Johannesburg. A dedicated server is key because it is faster than a shared server. After one year, there will be an annual hosting fee of R950. But, as mentioned, the setup fee includes the first year of hosting.

The eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Setup Fee Includes Standard eCom Website Design

Standard eCom Website Design

This is what your website will look like initially: Its a crisp, clean and logical design. Content relevant to your business will be added and the products you will be selling. Any design or layout changes will be charged at R150/h.


100 Products

The setup fee includes 100 products however, I will need product images from you sent via WeTransfer. I also need the title, description, product category and price of the products on an excel spreadsheet provided. The images need to be 600 x 600 pixels with a white background. This improves the potential of sales via Google Shopping.

eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Domain Name Included in Setup Fee

WP Rocket

Third party software added to WordPress & Woocommerce is called a “plugin”. These plugins add additional features and functions to a WordPress website. WP Rocket is a plugin that makes the website up to 50% faster. A slow website loses sales. WP Rocket charges $49 for a single website. However, I include it in the setup fee because it’s that important.


Ozow Integration

Potential buyers on your website expect a trustworthy payment gateway, a secure way to buy with their credit card online. Ozow is a fantastic local company that offers a payment gateway plugin for your website, when you create an account with them. I assist in the process of intergrating the Ozow plugin to your website.


uAfrica Integration

A seamless buying experience that includes delivering your product to your client is not only desirable but also expected. uAfrica will create a plugin for your website if you have an account with them. I assist in the integration of the uAfrica plugin to your website.

eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Setup Fee Includes eCommerce SEO Marketing

eCommerce SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization. SEO for eCommerce has become very complicated and competitive. I do SEO Marketing in exchange for 7 percent of the sales from the website. The offer of R7500 is dependant on commission payable from website sales.

eCommerce by Riaan Wessels Setup Fee does not include extra edits

Additional Edits

If you wish to change the layout of the standard website, edit it’s design , add new pages or more products then the fee is charged at R150/h. The low hourly rate is dependant on the commssion agreement of 7% of sales from the website.

eCommerce is daunting but super necessary. A symbiosis between your web developer and your business is imperative. Make sure its a good fit between you and the developer before investing money in an eCommerce Website. Phone Riaan to have a useful conversation about your eCommerce needs: 064 170 1866