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What we do

At Internet Gorilla we believe in WordPress and Woocommerce. These options are scalable. The bigger your business grows, the more you sell, the more software you can add to your website. Start with our eCommerce-Lite offer of R1750 and start selling your products or services online. WhatsApp Riaan to start chatting about your online store dreams.

Why choose us

We have over 4 years and over 200 websites worth of experience. If you want to learn how to manage your own online store then Internet Gorilla could just be the guidance you’ve been looking for. You will need a PC or laptop and good internet at home in order to benefit from this offer.

At Home

We give you the crash course at a time that suits you at your home.

Premium Software

We use one of the highest rated themes in the world.

Affordable Hosting

Your hosting fee is only R950/year AND your initial setup fee already includes the first year of hosting. (Hosting fee depends on the software/plugins you choose).

Cost Effective

Time is money and we fast track that dauntng WordPress/Woocommerce learning curve.

Tech Support

As long as you host with Internet Gorilla, we have your back.

Domain Name

You are the owner of your domain from the start. There is no contract holding you hostage. You can transfer your domain whenever you want.


You don’t need to learn to code. Its not 2006 anymore. Welcome to the future.

Permanent Passion

We are always doing research online to stay ahead of the fast moving software curve. 

Modern Designs

With our premium software your website will look modern and credible.

Bona Fide

Your website will be a real website, designed by you!

How to start


Apply for an online store via our Application Form.


We create an invoice so we can buy your domain name.

Set Up

We set up  your WordPress website and software.


We meet in person to give you your crash courses.


WhatsApp us 24/7 for technical support on your journey.

Who we are

Riaan Wessels

Riaan Wessels


Riaan is a huge fan of WordPress and…the internet.

Client Testimonials

“Uitstekende diens en eind resultaat lyk fantasties!.”

Lize Smith

“My website looks fantastic, thank you”

Kenneth Kokolo

“Great product, great service. Five star rating”

Irene Van Dyk

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3 Athena Street, Fern Park, Brackenfell, 7560

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